Prayer Book

Meaningful Prayer – Praying According to the Word of God

By G. David Karunakar




By the grace of God, more than 30,000 copies of this booklet is printed and distributed through out India in Prisons, Schools, Bible Colleges, and Churches.

Money that comes out of this booklet will be used to print more copies for the free distribution in India. Order more and distribute to your family and friends.


This Booklet Contains

Prayers for your Body and Spirit

Prayers for Eyes

Prayers for Ears

Prayers for Mouth

Prayers for Lips

Prayers for Tongue

Prayers for Hands

Prayers for Feet

Prayers for the Heart

Prayers for the Mind

Prayers for the Thoughts

Prayer for Husbands

Prayer for Wives

Prayer for Parents

Prayer for Children

Prayer for Masters

Prayer for Servents

Prayer to Prosper

Prayer to supply all your needs

Prayer to have double blessing

Prayer to live a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty

The Prayers that Jesus asked us to Pray

Prayers to have Relationship with God as the men in the Bible

Prayers from the Sermon on the Mount.

Prayers concerning the Word of God

Prayers concerning the Commandments of God

Prayers concerning the Testimonies of God

Prayers concerning the Statutes of God

Prayers concerning the Precepts of God

Prayers concerning the Judgments of God

Word of God and Prayer

Also this booklet talks about the importance of prayer with Jesus Christ as your best model for prayer. More than 300 prayer points from the Word of God are given to help you to grow into the image of Christ.