Worship Book

Meaningful Worship – Worshiping according to the Word of God

By G. David Karunakar


English Praise Book for Web 2023



By the grace of God, more than 10,000 copies of this booklet is printed and distributed through out India in Prisons, Schools, Bible Colleges, and Churches.

Money that comes out of this booklet will be used to print more copies for the free distribution in India. Order more and distribute to your family and friends.


This Booklet Contains

How should we Worship God?

Where should we Worship God?

What does it means to praise God?

Why should we praise God?

What does it means to give thanks to God?

Why should  we give thanks to God?

What does it means to give glory to God?

Why should we give glory to God?

King David praised God all the time.

King David gave thanks to God for ever.

King David glorified God for evermore.


More than 300 worship points from the Word of God are given to help you to grow into the image of Christ.